Richard Fearless picks out the albums that matter...
Death In Vegas

Death In Vegas have one of the broadest catalogues in the history of British music.

An ever-evolving phenomenon, the group have veered from techno onslaught to Eastern-tinged psychedelic rock, an ever-expansive universe of sonic influences.

New album 'Transmission' drops later this month on the project's own Drone imprint, and it's a typically dense, challenging, and completely addictive return.

Richard Fearless once against sits at the centre, a psychedelic conductor of cosmological forces that somehow merge together to form something potent, and shockingly new.

Clash invited Richard to pick out his Foundations, the albums that truly matter - here are his choices...

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Burning Spear - 'Rocking Time'

When I was around 13 I found this on a blank cassette on a bus or it found me not sure, anyway I hammered it to death and didn’t know who it was until years alter. It started a life long love affair with roots and dub music. Tender, heart wrenching, deeply soulful, cosmic reggae at its best.

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The Stooges - 'The Stooges'

An aunty had played me 'Gris Gris' by Dr John which had blown my mind, and The Stooges followed pretty much after that. Primal, provocative, avant-garde sonic annihilation. Similar to 'Gris Gris' on some levels, voodoo chants (‘We Will Fall’), heavy blues influence, psychedelic rock. Hearing this as a teenager the levels of angst and boredom that came through the music was something that I could associate with on such a high level: "Another year for me and you/Another year with nothing to do".

It then led to me really exploring blues, Son House, Howlin’ Wolf. I love the trails of musical discovery you go on.

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My Bloody Valentine - 'Loveless'

All the bands I’d been into as a teenager - Stooges, Velvets, Byrds - they were from another era. My Bloody Valentine came along and changed all that.This sounded like nothing I’d ever heard. Kevin’s a genius, his obsession on this record is legendary.

It's the notes within the notes of Kevin’s playing, the way it slips out of tune with each bend of the tremolo arm, to the hypnotic ‘danceable’ drums and the buried mantra-esque vocals. One of the best albums ever made in my humble opinion.

- - -

Techno! The New Dance Sound Of Detroit

Techno was my punk. Acid house came along the same time as finishing school. Hearing this album introduced me to the likes of Blake Baxter, Eddie 'Flashing' Fowkes, Kevin Saunderson and Derrick May. It marked a real turning point in my life this album.

- - -

Kraftwerk - 'Man Machine'

Always loved the early prog Kraftwerk... listening now to 'Ruckzuck', it's just killer. They were such exceptional musicians. But this album has been on heavy rotation most of my life and 30 years on still sounds incredibly fresh, the perfect blend of humans and machines - a stunning album.

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'Transmission' will be released on May 27th.

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