Dutch indie rock has scarcely been stronger...

At this year's Great Escape a few points of consensus emerged.

One of the most prevalent was that underground music in the Netherlands is in a really, really strong place, with countless new groups leaving their mark.

Canshaker Pi. Pip Blom. Amber Arcades. And above all these, a few of frenetic performances by EUT, a band who entered Brighton as unknowns and left in a blaze of hype.

We caught up with EUT for a few tips on where to go next in the Dutch underground...

- - -

Amber Arcades - Go listen to Amber Arcades. Great indie pop songs that give you the feeling it’s OK to feel like shit sometimes. My favourite song: ‘It Changes’ - it reminds me a bit of the Cardigans. - Megan De Klerk (Vox)

- - -

Love Couple [<3] - is my favourite band at the moment! They only released one song so far but have more to come soon! I saw them live a few times and they have a great attitude and live performance. Their songs are stuck in your head forever!

Great guitarist, drummer, singer, bass player and singer - they are all amazing musicians! - Emiel De Nennie - (Guitars)

- - -

Luwten - Beautifully crafted songs, minimalistic, subtle and airy yet it never feels cold or distant. The perfect soundtrack for when you want to clear your head and want to calm down for a bit.

And Tessa Douwstra’s soft singing voice is just so incredible. Definitely check out their live versions of ‘Go Honey ‘and ‘In Over My Head’ on Youtube. - Tessa Raadman (Guitars)

- - -

The Indien - This band is the ‘Late night summer repeat button’ itself! Beautiful melodies on top of harmonies that fit seamlessly and still manage to surprise you.

Cutting, yet warm, Morricone guitars, soft drums and percussion that make you think twice about what just happened, together with a bass that glues everything together like that Perfecto biker jacket you’ve always wanted and fits ‘perfecto’.

Rianne Walther’s vocal performance is off the hook. Twangy, with perseverance and makes a love song sound real and honest. Sergio Escoda - (Bass/keys)

- - -

Personal Trainer - A group of friends, almost like LCD-Soundsystem, making indie music. With members of Canshaker Pi they are the perfect recipe for joy and energy on stage. - Jim Geurts (Drums)

- - -

'Fool For The Vibes' is out now. Catch EUT at the following shows:

14 Coventry Kasbah
15 Hull Sesh
16 Leeds Oporto
17 Nottingham Bodega
18 Manchester The Castle
20 Bristol Crofters
21 Brighton Prince Albert
22 London Old Blue Last

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