Culture Clash: Tai Verdes

Culture Clash: Tai Verdes

LA artist reveals his cultural obsessions...

LA's own Tai Verdes is turning into a phenomenon.

His song 'Stuck In The Middle' went viral, while recent single 'A-OK' is racing across the net. Post-genre pop that leans heavy on the energy, his electrifying new album 'TV' is out now.

Named after one of his favourite hobbies - he's a big fan of the multi-channel box - it brings his colourful songwriting together into one place.

Clash tracked down Tai Verdes to discuss his cultural pursuits...

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I’ve watched The Office over 25 times completely through. I would kill someone to watch that series for the first time again.

A newer show that I love right now is Invincible. I can’t wait for season 2 of it…. I need to stop watching so much TV.


Two of my favourite movies I’ve seen recently are I Care A Lot and Inside (which is Bo Burnham’s comedy special). The story of I Care A Lot is so unique, and the acting is chef's kiss. With Inside - Bo Burnham is just living on a different plane of consciousness compared to other humans.


10,000 Hours by Malcolm Gladwell and Everything You Need To Know About the Music Business. The concept of ‘time on task’ is the reason why I’m here today. After spending an hour and a half singing in my car for 6 months before releasing my first song Stuck in the Middle, I truly believe everything is about ‘time on task’. And, I wanted to know everything about the music business.


When the Party’s Over is one of my favorite songs. The lyrics and production are wild. I remember when I was in an Uber this one time after being a referee for a corporate recreational volleyball team and the song came on the radio and it was after listening to that song I became a Billie [Eilish] fan.


I use my phone. I USE my phone. Either I’m responding to a fan’s comment or I’m responding to a fan’s DM. I think people really don’t take advantage of the amount of contact you are able to have with your fan base in 2021.

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Tai Verdes' new album 'TV' is out now.

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