The rapper plays Roundhouse Rising this week...

North London's Roundhouse is - put simply - one of our favourite venues.

A historic hub for live music in the metropolis, it also has a key community role, offering classes to new musicians, producers, and DJs.

Sadly closed during the pandemic, the Roundhouse flings open its doors once more this week for a new music extravaganza.

Running between October 19th to 23rd, Roundhouse Rising boasts performances from Nayana IZ, Jerkcurb, POiSON ANNA, and more.

A celebration of positivity and inclusion, this year finds Roundhouse Rising working alongside club collective Daytimers, Bristol organisation Saffron, and more.

Matching key performances against industry talks and workshops, it's a true celebration that aims to platform breaking talent.

Shay D hits the Roundhouse on Thursday (October 21st), and the venue isn't too far from where she went to school.

Matching punchy grime influences against her Persian heritage and a fondness for Stateside hip-hop, her empowering stance matches a weekly Reprezent Radio show against her duties as a youth project manager for Breakin’ Convention.

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Maid on Netflix. This was a 10 part mini-series that is currently on Netflix it’s the last thing that I binge watched it’s such a powerful story of a single mother’s drive to get out of a emotionally abusive relationship and how the American system doesn’t recognise emotional abuse as a form of domestic violence. She comes from a really rough family background and navigates her way through getting a job as a maid and trying to get to college to be a writer.

It’s such an inspirational story and I recommend everybody watch it. It was so mad because I discovered that the daughter and mother dynamic in the film was so realistic, because they are mother and daughter in real life!


La Haine. This is one of my all-time favourite films. It’s a French film based in Paris during the riots. It is about three boys on the estate and tells the story of the working-class community in Paris. The main story is these three friends and how they deal with police brutality who seem to profile them all the time. The way it was filmed was half scripted so it’s very natural and very real. It’s got an epic soundtrack as well.


The Four Hour Week by Tim Ferris.

I have literally bought this book and given it to so many people! it’s one of my favourite productivity books and really gave me inspiration of how I could change my working life and my hours to be more effective. It’s got realistic plans and ways to look at things that I never did before. Although some of it is a bit wild, the actual principle of it can be applied starting tomorrow. And as someone with a very short attention span who is quite impatient I like to be proactive and this book really guides on how to do that and make yourself enjoy life rather than being a workaholic.


P!nk - ‘Can’t Take Me Home’.

When Pink first arrived on the scene, for me who always listens to hip-hop it was really refreshing. I always was a fan of R&B but there was something about her tenacity and her confidence and the way she sang that really made me love her. 'Can’t Take Me Home' literally is banger after banger, I know every single ad lib on it. I think it’s such a good girl power album and also has lower songs which are so vulnerable. I think that it’s a classic - although she went on a different path after that.


I don’t know what a coffee drinker looks like, but most people get very surprised that I have my own Nespresso machine. I do actually love coffee so much that I even went to the London coffee festival this year!

My Nespresso machine changed my life during lockdown. I actually find it so therapeutic to put my flavour in and watch my coffee being made in the mornings. For me, it is a luxury - but it also saves money from buying coffee out!

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For more information on Roundhouse Rising click HERE.

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