Cultural pursuits with the London riser...

Saint Kochi isn't about to limit himself.

Right from childhood he's been a ravenous consumer of pop culture, from street level UKG through to chart-friendly pop via Bollywood soundtracks at his Leicester grandparents' house.

Somehow, he's able to fuse all this into one seamless whole, and it comes to fruition on his new self-titled EP.

Bubbling with potential, the 'Saint Kochi' EP is a self-portrait in slow motion, packed with energy, fizz, and excitement.

Out now, Clash caught up with Saint Kochi to discuss cultural pursuits and obsessions...

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I have a deep love affair with my TV. I think weirdly more than anything it’s the role it serves for me as a constant source of noise. As much as I know it’s wrong, I can’t sleep without having a TV playing in the background which is probably not the healthiest of admissions.

Aside from the therapeutic benefits it offers me... I really find it gives me space to switch my mind off which is something I find incredibly hard to do, so quite often the trashier the better.


Mainly cooking related. I cook a lot at home and have recently started getting into getting into buying and reading cookbooks to try and educate myself a bit more! I’m currently really into Diana Kennedy’s books on Mexican cooking, there’s are great documentary about her story and how food has essentially carved out her life path.

I find the idea of something creative giving someone an absolute purpose an incredibly compelling and inspiring concept, her cooking is that personified and her books tell that story.


I don’t really know where to start with this. Maybe with Oasis?

I met Noel Gallagher a few years ago at a party and I had to confess to him that his music and Oasis really changed my life, he was fortunately much more gracious about me telling him that than I thought he would be! I don’t think as a band they have been a particular inspiration for what I make today, but as a kid they opened my eyes to a whole new world and I learned how to play guitar by playing their music!

I guess I was never really a big music fan when I was really young until I came across that band and I think its that transformative potential that music can have on individuals, that will never be quelled by this algorithmic way we are now driven to consume it.


Tarantino. I think his absolute stubborn creative vision for what he wants to deliver is what makes each of his films what they are and that’s absolutely something I strive for with anything creative that I do.


I was going to say my laptop, but then I googled if a laptop was a gadget and it gave me nine useful gadgets for laptops, so now I’m thinking maybe I can’t say laptop, but I definitely don’t want to say laptop cooling pad or laptop table stand (numbers 6 and 9 in case you were wondering), so maybe I’ll just stick with laptop.

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'Saint Kochi' EP is out now.

Photo Credit: Sam Hiscox



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