Cultural obsessions with the London group...

There's a lot more to HÆLOS than meets the eye.

Take their debut album, 2016's beguiling full length 'Full Circle' - on one level it was a sublime electronic pop record, but the depth of its songwriting, and it's inter-disciplinary allusions turned it into something quite distinct.

New album 'Any Random Kindness' is out now, with HÆLOS set to play two London shows this week - an in-store at Rough Trade East and a full headline performance at EartH in Hackney.

Clash was enraptured by their new record - check out our review HERE - so we caught up with HÆLOS to find out their cultural obsessions...

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Daniel: At the time of writing this I am two episodes into Twin Peaks therefore have little to say other than I am captivated by it so far and very interested to see how absurd it gets. It feels like really bad television executed perfectly.

On another note, I had a really amazing sandwich at a place called CC's Family Cafe. I was intrigued when I saw that they had decorated the whole establishment with pictures of every Miss Montana in history. What did they use to make that mayonnaise so sweet?

I think I'll ask Dom if he would like to go with me next time as it was a clean place and reasonably priced.


Daniel: Sam Harris - 'Making Sense'. This podcast never fails to provide us with topics to consider. It's proved to be valuable when conversation around the dinner table is lacking depth. "Hey gang, let's talk about the nature of consciousness, artificial intelligence, the future of humanity or morality."

Personally, Harris is one of my favourite modern philosophers. I admire his outlook on the importance of conversation and the notion that we humans ought to converge on a common project to minimise the suffering of conscious creatures.


Daniel: Teenage Engineering PO - 33. This has lived in my backpack for over a year now and travels with me everywhere I go. It's a tiny sampler which can record and manipulate up to 40 seconds of audio. It's been a fun (or frustrating) challenge to record sounds from everyday life and try to sequence them into something that hopefully resembles music.

At the moment I am tempted to record the angle grinder outside my house and see if any comes of it. Stay tuned..


Dom: Listing Nunhead Cemetery as one of my favourite places is going to make it seem like I’m a Goth or a grave robber but the truth is way more boring because I just like running there. It is one of those hidden gems that a part of you doesn’t want to over publicise but let’s check that emotion for a second because sharing is caring.

It’s a beautiful public space, maintained through kindness and charitable donations. If you find yourself in South East London needing to think or gain perspective on the present, then there’s nothing better than running by thousands of lives from the past and imagining how trivial they might find whatever is worrying you.

Video Game... 

Dom: A favourite video game would be Last Of Us, which follows a character called Ellie through a post-apocalyptic world full of dystopian struggles and zombies. You really grow a relationship with her character as the story unfolds… closer to a protagonist in a fictional novel than a computer game.

She is this subversion of the ‘damsel-in-distress’ stereotype and it feels important. Most games that were developed when I was growing up had lead characters who were violent males or male plumbers or male hedgehogs or boys-with-swords and there was really only one franchise with a female lead but at the time she was obliged to come with cleavage and hot-pants. More recently Tomb Raider ditched the hot-pants for cargo trousers and character’s like Ellie’s help move attitudes on too.

Apparently she was developed so that the player could interpret her sexuality and I think she is gay or bisexual. Aside from an important lead character this game has an awesome soundtrack that plays on country themes, spookily manipulating acoustic guitar licks as you change environment.

I’d love to compose music and sound design for a computer game or two in my lifetime.

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HÆLOS' debut album 'Any Random Kindness' is out now. Catch the band at the following shows:

May 15 London Rough Trade East 16 London EartH

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