Culture Clash: Eves Karydas

Culture Clash: Eves Karydas

Cultural pursuits with Australian pop riser...

Eves Karydas has the world at her feet.

If lockdown was frustrating, then that's only because she had so many ideas burning up inside of her, just waiting to be released.

Now she's ready to strike. New EP 'Reruns' is out now, a delectable compilation of supreme pop ideas, building on the exuberant promise of her fantastic single 'Lemonade'.

Part of her ongoing journey, 'Reruns' digs into Eves' life, the sound of a young talent expressing her truth in a literal, relatable way.

Of course, it helps that she's got a knack for melody, too - wall to wall bops that hit harder than most of her peers.

Out now, Clash caught up with Eves Karydas to discuss her cultural pursuits...

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I just finished watching the High Fidelity reboot with Zoe Kravtiz. First of all, I’d recommend you watch it for the fashion if nothing else. It’s incredibly “Brooklyn”... but I’m not mad about it. I really liked that her character is a bit of a dick, it just felt real.

Also I have recently watched Hacks which blew my mind. I laughed out loud so many times. Can Jean Smart please be my grandma?


I can’t go past the masterpiece that is the Lord Of The Rings trilogy and I’ll even admit that I’ve been on a LOTR tour of New Zealand. When Harry Met Sally is another all time favourite. It’s warm and comforting and I put it on to cheer myself up.


Everyone needs to read Pride & Prejudice once in their lifetime. People seem to think this book is a romance novel, and sure it is, but that’s not why it’s iconic. This book is still revolutionary, 200+ years on, because of the way Jane Austen has written a female character who refuses to be intimidated by a man’s world. “What are men to rocks and mountains?” So badass. I read it once a year and learn something new every time.

As I get older I comprehend more and more of Austen’s genius and foresight. Okay I need to stop myself before this turns into an essay.


I think people are surprised that I’m a big Led Zeppelin fan. Honestly I am too. I don’t listen to much other heavy rock music but Led Zeppelin just makes sense to me. I vividly remember the day it clicked and I’ve never gone back on that. The music is crazy freeing.

'Houses Of The Holy' is probably my favourite album of theirs. The Crunge!!!! Listen to that song really loudly when you need a pep in your step.


My OP1 synth has come out of the cupboard again! I bought this little thing maybe five or six years ago and took it with me everywhere around the world pre-pandemic. It looks like a toy but it’s a fully fledged piece of musical equipment and has been crucial to my songwriting over the past few years. My song Further Than The Planes Fly wouldn’t exist without it.

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'Reruns' EP is out now.

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