A quick catch up with the soaring pop star...
Ella Eyre

Ella Eyre has the world at her feet.

The singer's debut album 'Feline' hit the Top Five, and every step she's taking since has underlined her astonishing talent.

A bold voice aligned to some daring songwriting, it's always been clear that Ella offers something just that little bit different.

Addictive new single 'Ego' pairs the singer against Ty Dolla $ign, and it's further proof that she's operating on a higher level.

Clash caught up with Ella Eyre for the latest instalment of Culture Clash...

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Book... Gone Girl
This is the book that got me back into reading again. There was a long period of time where I wasn't reading at all, but when somebody recommended this book, I was captured from start to finish. I finished it in a week – the twists are ridiculous.

I think it's interesting, too, to have the main character not be the good guy, the one that you follow and will to win, especially when there’s so much pressure on women and female characters to be ‘likeable’.

Film... The Lion King
As a kid, this is the one thing my mum could put on to shut me up. I could have watched it every single day – I absolutely loved it. Even to this day, if I feel ill or a bit down, I'll watch The Lion King.

I think it probably planted the seed for my musical aesthetic too. My logo’s a lion; there’s one sitting regally beside me on the cover of my debut album 'Feline'; even my hair’s so massive it looks like a lion’s mane.

Album... The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill
I feel like every generation will be told they should listen to this album, because it's a part of music history. It's brutal and honest and it’s from a really great artist. It advocates female empowerment, but in a really vulnerable way, a way that allows people to understand Lauryn Hill, but also relate it to their own life.

TV... This Is Us
This is a show that’s really hard to explain to someone who hasn’t seen it. It's an American drama which is structured in a similar way to Love Actually, where there's loads of mini storylines going on, but they’re all interlinked in some weird and wonderful way.

It's just amazing. It's very family oriented, and it touches on the struggles of being a black person in a white family. There's another character who's very overweight, and it really sensitively depicts her struggles in dealing with that, and trying to find love.

Gadget... Bose noise cancelling headphones
I swear by these headphones. I got given them as a gift a couple of years ago and never thought I'd use them, but then I put them on during a flight once and they completely blocked out any sound.

On a plane you've always got a screaming child, or someone talking really loudly, or young kids going to Ibiza, and when you travel so much, it’s such a relief when find these little routines that make it that little bit easier.

Even if I'm not listening to music, I have them in my ears the whole flight and I can hear nothing but silence. Sometimes I quite enjoy sitting in silence. I spend my life around music, I listen to it on a daily basis, so when I get on a flight and I don't have any signal it's quite nice to just enjoy a moment of peace.

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Ella Eyre's new single 'Ego' is out now.

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