Dirty Heads
SoCal stalwarts speak to Clash...

Dirty Heads are now onto their sixth album, and the SoCal stalwarts are showing little sign of slowing down.

Pop meets rock meets reggae in one delicious bundle of West Coast thrills, the band's catalogue builds up into something pretty unique.

Infectious summer single 'Vacation' led the way, with Dirty Heads releasing new full length 'Swim Team' last week.

Set to hit the road shortly, the band's touring habits are legendary, spending months at a time on the road.

Here, Dirty Heads musician Jared Watson reveals some extra-curricular activities from the band's time together...

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The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien. This is the first book in my life I read because I wanted to, not because I had to. I was probably 12 or 13 when my parents really pushed for me to read outside of the "classics" they make you read in school.

I was already into fantasy and sci-fi because of the video games and movies I liked, so I fell in love automatically. I've read The Hobbit and Lord Of The Rings trilogy at least half a dozen times. I think the movies did a good job portraying what J.R.R. wrote, that usually doesn't happen with movie adaptations.

This is a tough one. I'm gonna go with my Top Two since they are tied. I know you asked for one but fuck it, I'm taking over. Blade Runner and Space Odyssey 2001. If you haven't seen these movies you’re a dick. Your life will be better once you have and if you don't like them after you've seen them we can't be friends.

I can't explain either of these movies in a couple sentences. It's impossible. Let's just say there are college classes you can take about each of these movies and what they mean. Stop reading. Go watch. Get ready to be blown away by movies that are 30 years old and look better and are cooler than 90% of sci-fi movies out now. Everyone steals from these classics.

It’s impossible to have a favourite album. I think it's bullshit when people say they have ONE favorite album. With music, just like life, you go through stages with highs and lows and music comes along for the ride. I'm gonna give you a couple of the most recent albums that I was really blown away by Hozier ‘Hozier’ and Run The Jewels 'Run The Jewels 2'.

I usually only like two or three songs from an album. I'm one of those people that finds one song and listens to it on repeat for three weeks straight, with these two albums I rarely skip a song. 

TV Show
Game Of Thrones had it, then Westworld came in and kicked its ass off the top of the TV show podium, and Rick and Morty. Gadget: Nintendo Switch... until I completed Zelda: Breathe Of The Wild and put in more than 100 hours... now what do I do, Nintendo? ...NOW WHAT!? Mario Kart is only fun on the tour bus.

Video Game
Favourite of all time, The Elder Scrolls - any of them except The Elder Scrolls Online that doesn't count. The Witcher 3 was the best game of last year, Mass Effect 1 and 2 (Andromeda sucked), Borderlands, I could go on and on. But I shan't. Yeah I just used the word shan't. (And yes it's a real word it just popped up in my autocorrect.)

One last thing gamers, can we wrap Assassin's Creed the fuck up, I love it, but does anyone know or remember what the fuck is even going on any more?! Stop milking it Ubisoft... even though I'll keep buying them… damn you.

- - -

'Swim Team' is out now.

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