Cocoon Recordings lynchpin delivers a classy mix...
Tim Green

Tim Green is one of those quiet, unassuming artists who underpin British electronic music.

Flitting between house and techno, the producer tends to avoid hype, delivering quality releases that disrupt the dancefloor while steering clear of fleeting fads.

Everything Tim Green put his name to has an aura of classicism, whether that's in his approach or the stylish way in which he executes his projects.

New EP 'Eclipse' is a case in point - if ever a release deserved to be labelled 'tasteful' then it's definitely this. Crisp synths, propulsive and effective percussion, gentle melodics and that trademark UK viewpoint all resound on a release that underlines what makes Tim Green such an intoxicating talent.

Part of a summer of dancefloor activities from the Cocoon Recordings lynchpin, Tim Green is set to follow 'Eclipse' with an exclusive Clash DJ Mix.

There's no tracklisting, but you can expect plenty of exclusives, some floor-filling favourites and of course some belters from his own locker.

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