It’s all about the acid-washed ghost-rave...
Pink Skull

It’s all about the acid-washed ghost-rave in today’s Clash mix, from shape-shifting electronic outfit Pink Skull.

Pink Skull is one of those delightfully weird and innovative under-the-radar acts that you’ll wish you’d stumbled across far sooner. Beginning in 2004, based around the musical pairing of Julian Grefe and Justin Geller, Pink Skull has done its fair share of morphing over the years, working its way through experimental tech minimalism early on, becoming a five-piece live band playing electronic psyche-rock and alt. hip hop (racking up a collaboration with Wu-Tang’s Ghostface Killah), and recently taming their multicoloured dance spectre into 303-hugging electronica and solid trip-techno, nailed on their ‘Skin Game’ and ‘Braindance’ EPs.

It’s this latest Pink Skull incarnation that shines through in the group’s bubbling, acidic mix for Clash, with electronica royalty like Aphex, 808 State and The Black Dog sitting alongside newer 303 warriors like SFV Acid (from ace Brooklyn label UNO) and Jared Wilson, putting in a fine, spooky and spiky take on Detroit techno. It’s a cracking little selection, clearly chosen by a few informed musical minds.

Here’s the Skull themselves talking about their mix:

 “We wanted to create a mix that links our influences to the music we made for our new LP, ‘Huitlacoche’. Like most musicians, we try to make music that we hope will stand the test of the time. Tracks by artists like Aphex Twin, The Black Dog, and Throbbing Gristle are just as relevant now as when they were originally released. We also put in songs from newer producers whose work we really admire, like Young Marco, SFV Acid, and Clouded Vision. We like artists who can creatively reference the sounds of the past and update them for the future.”

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1. Clean Plate - 'Turkish Delight'
2. SFV Acid - 'Bean Criteria'
3. Bohemian Groove - 'High Jinks' (Photonz Remix)
4. Maurice Joshua with Hot Hands Hula - 'I Gotta Big Dick' (Instrumental)
5. Jared Wilson - 'This Love'
6. The Future Sound of London - 'Omnipresence'
7. Pink Skull - 'Mutant Comfort'
8. Unknown
9. Throbbing Gristle - 'Walkabout'
10. Mario & Vidis feat. Ernesto - 'Changed'
11. The Black Dog - 'Olivine'
12. Clouded Vision - 'Alien Race'
13. Sasse feat Ilija Rudman - 'Got 2 Be' (Pink Skull Remix)
14. 808 State - 'Flow Coma' (AFX Remix)
15. Pink Skull - 'Invijt'
16. Tony G - 'Simple Dreams' (Young Marco Remix)
17. Stellar OM Source - 'Fascination'

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Words: Tristan Parker

Pink Skull’s fourth album, ‘Huitlacoche’, is released on My Favorite Robot Records, with a limited six-track vinyl version available on December 9th and the full digital album released on February 10th (2014). Find out more information on the outfit at their website.

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