Belgian duo conduct a graceful journey through the left field...
Orphan Swords

Belgium has been a hotbed of electronic experimentation for decades now, with everyone from R&S Records to Soulwax emerging from the Lowland country.

Orphan Swords are a product of Belgium's continually creative music scene, with the left field pairing managing to find new ways to tease out dance music's left field.

Fusing techno with EBM, industrial with glitchy electronics, the pair's new EP 'License To Desire' is a fascinating listen.

Enraptured, Clash invited Orphan Swords to craft a special DJ Mix and the Belgian pairing responded with gusto.

“This mix is a dive into waves and beats that inspire us lately. Maze, who assembled the whole final thing was eager to somewhat reproduce the dive an Orphan Swords live show always represents. Also, during our first year-and-half of existence we met lot of inspiring and colourful people along the way and we wanted to pay them an hommage. First of all Stuart Argabright, founder a.o. of cult-band Ike Yard and Black Rain, who helped us on several occasions and became a great friend. The others cats will recognize themselves. We wish you an intense, immersive journey.”

Check it out now.

Helm - Silencer II (Skeletal) (Ascetic House) ‎
Shaddah Tuum - Merkabah (Portals Editions)
Black Rain - Endourban (Blackest Ever Black)
Koenraad Ecker - Nazif (Line)
Gainstage - Sun Burnt Cloud (Portals Editions)
Consumer Electronics - Murder The Masters (Diagonal)
Rrose - Secretion (Sandwell District)
The Body - Our Souls Were Clean (RVNG Intl)
Icon Template - Position of Power (Unreleased)
Shxchsxsh - Mrrrwrrrds (Avian)
Lotic - Phlegm (Tri Angle)
Black Zone Myth Chant - He Evil (Editions Gravats)
Kerridge - WIAGW (Contort)
Ontario Hospital - Future Ready (Opal Tapes)
Helm - Impasse (New Images)
1000 Homo DJs - Apathy (Wax Trax Records)
Svengalisghost - Strategic Deception (Russian Torrent Versions)
Death Grips - Runway E (Thirds Worlds)
Powell - Sylvester Stallone - (XL)
Delroy Edwards - Kickin Butts!! - L.A. (Club Resource)
The Space Lady - Born To Be Wild (Night School)

Photo Credit: Inkeri Harri

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'License To Desire' is out now.

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