Natureboy Flako (Credit: Louis Vignat)
A deep, spiritual selection informed by jazz...

Natureboy Flako has always been conscious of the spiritual element presented by music.

After all, it's not just noise; each note, each melody, each drum kick leaves a lasting impression, something that can alter the environment you find yourself in.

New eight track album ‘Theme For A Dream’ takes this further than ever before, a deep, probing selection that matches cinematic influences against a rhythmic kick.

Continually searching for meaning amid these sonic undulations, Natureboy Flako's productions reveal a growing awareness of the possibilities afforded by jazz.

Out on July 20th, the producer has crafted a special new mix for Clash, something he terms an "all vinyl electronic, ambient, avant garde, fusion music selection..."

Definitely one for those in need of some cooling off time, it's a meditative exploration of sound. Tune in now.

1. Trance (Adrian Marcator) - Murugan
2. Paul Horn - Radiance feat. Joel Andrews (Edit)
3. Hermeto Pascoal & Grupe Vice Versa - Dança do Pajé
4. Lucifer - The Philosopher's Stone (Edit)
5. Claude Larson - Memory Image
6. Milan Pilar - Point Of Contact
7. Ivory Playground - Scattered Clouds
8. Mort Garson - Symphony For A Spider
9. Hermeto Pascoal - Alexandre, Marcelo e Pablo
10. Jurriaan Andriessen - Ode To Solitude
11. Stomu Yamash'Ta - Mountain Pass
12. Natureboy Flako - Piotr At Work (Unreleased)
13. Milan Pilar - Inhibited Growth
14. Scott Gilmore - E70 No. 01
15. Roj - Home Telescope Kit
16. Soft Machine - Carol Ann
17. Scott Gilmore - Lately

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