An up-front selection from the Lisbon disco don...

Moullinex is part of Lisbon's intense, multi-faceted creative community.

A deft selector, his disco vibes have become a staunch part of the city's clubbing scene, adding a Portuguese flavour to those epochal cuts.

Continually looking ahead, Moullinex crafts connections between disparate scenes, joining the dots to create a frisky stew all of his own.

New single 'Work It Out' finds the producer clashing with Fritz Helder (of Azari & III), and to celebrate he's crafted this special Clash mix.

It's an upfront selection, packed with club fare and hands-aloft moments of disco grandeur.

Get involved.

- - -

'HYPERSEX' is the new Moullinex album and it's out October 6th on Discotexas/K7

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