Crisp and colourful grooves from an up-and-coming house producer...

Give winter the finger and put some silky spring into your dancefloor steps with a selection of crisp and colourful grooves from up-and-coming house producer Medlar.

Speaking of house, it pays to be reminded that you're allowed to, y’know, enjoy it sometimes – hell, even to crack the occasional smile. And the jazz-inflected, soul-stroking tones of Medlar’s tunes are your ticket for that particular ride. But don’t for a minute think this is fluffy house being put forth – it’s a selection defined by curve and finesse, just like Medlar’s own productions.

The producer has been rising through the ranks recently, adding some magic to whatever club he’s commanding, as well as through his own hypnotising tracks, reflected perfectly in his boundary-blurring, hip hop-referencing debut full-length from last year, ‘Sleep’.

Inspired by the competing extremes of Australia and London’s weather systems, Medlar's mix is a rich and reflective trip that works its way through wintry minimalism into blossoming spring grooves, via Sun Ra, Ron Hardy, Karizma and DJ Sprinkles.

Here’s Medlar giving the low-down on his mix:

“Partly inspired by the confusion of travelling to Australia in January and returning to a very cold and wet London, I’ve been wanting to put together a mix of the range of house music I tend to be drawn to both in the summer and winter months. So it starts quite cold and synthetic and opens up into something a bit brighter towards the end. A winter-into-spring mix, if you will!"

“Recorded in my living room using two turntables and a 2-channel mixer. Not much to say about any particular tracks included, but there are some of my favourite records in there, so I hope y’all enjoy them too.”

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1. Sun Ra - Cluster of Galaxies
2. Magic Mountain High – Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (No Compromise Mix)
3. Ob Ignitt - Mysterious
4. Far Out Monster Disco Orchestra - Vendetta (Mark Pritchard Remix)
5. JTC - Gallup
6. The Moderator - Where it Begins
7. Dreesvn - Untitled
8. Fred Brown - You Don’t Really Care (Fred Brown's House Mix)
9. Herbert - Move it
10. Metro - Brownstone Express
11. Ron Hardy & Jesse Saunders - Untitled
12. Abacus - In Love (Classic Instrumental Mix)
13. DJ Sprinkles - Hush Now
14. Karizma - The Power
15. Pépé Bradock - Ghost
16. Medlar - The Tides
17. Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends

Medlar plays The Harley, Sheffield, on February 22nd, as part of a Wolf Music special.

Words: Tristan Parker

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