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Lowtec has become associated with a certain type of approach, one that favours quality over quantity, the execution of ideals over simply churning out new tracks and hoping for the best. It's there in his productions, in the releases which bear the mark of his own Workshop Records imprint – and it's also there in his mixes.

A continually inventive talent, Lowtec – real name Jens Kuhn – recently agreed to piece together a selection for Clash. In London to perform at Studio 338's 1st birthday party, the producer was inspired to merge the left field with dancefloor.

Nervously handing the mix to Clash, the producer advised us to simply fade out at track nine if it became a little too much for us. Listening through, though, it's obvious that this mix – avant techno matched against dark industrial tones, noise loops blending into folk – is something that needs to be savoured as a whole.

Check it out now.

1. Barnt - 'All The Alts I'm Holding Are Hurting' (Magazine)
2. Ekranoplan - 'Coil' (All Caps)
3. Patricia - 'Body Issues' (Black Opal)
4. The High-on-Wye Quintet - 'Nant Feinion'
5. Brighton - 'She Wanted Some Music' (777)
6. Akkord - 'Typeface-Greyscale (Vatican Shadow The World Is Complete)' (Houndstooth)
7. Holovr - 'Holo Earth' (Opal Tapes)
8. Hieronymus - 'Silk Road' (Zamzam)
9. Klara Lewis - 'Msuic' (Peder Mannerfelt)
10. Peder Mannerfelt - 'Collapsion' (Digitalis)
11. The Hangout Project - 'Sword Of Light' (Out To Lunch)
12. Sky Walking - 'Departures' (Sky Walking)
13. Conjoint - 'Strange Ideas' (Source Records)
14. Vashti Bunyan - 'I Want To Be Alone' (Fatcat)

- - -

Catch Lowtec performing alongside BPitch Control boss Ellen Allien, Border Community man Nathan Fake and more at the Studio 338 birthday party on March 14th.

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