“Get the Hennessy and enjoy.”
Last Japan

“Get the Hennessy and enjoy.”

Wise words from this week’s mix artist, Last Japan, on how best to enjoy his smoky, engulfing selection.

One of the brightest lights in the low-frequency underground, Last Japan has been grabbing plenty of well-deserved attention with his hypnotic mix of 2-step, grime, dubstep and murky house, most recently on his ‘Darsk’ EP. The London producer has also been invading the airwaves with his monthly Circadian Rhythms show on NTS Radio and earlier this year collaborated with Zomby on the track ‘Pyrex Nights’, which appeared on Zomby’s ‘With Love’ album.

There’s plenty to say about Last Japan’s atmospheric, winding Clash mix – which treads through everything from jagged grime to percussive house grabs to James Blake’s wonky Destiny’s Child remix (under his Harmonimix guise) – but we’ll let the man himself explain:

“I recorded the mix in my flat in Bow, with Serato timecodes, my 1210s, some vinyl that was laying about and a couple of espressos."

“I want the mix to be a journey, whichever journey the listener may be on whilst listening to it. I set out to keep the listener submersed in the audio from the beginning, almost as if you’re in the cinema watching a movie; it’s dark, you forget about what’s around you and concentrate solely on the visual and audible elements. That’s why I chose the first track and kept it quite ambient and deep for the first few. A lot of my mixes over the years have had an opening theme relating to the season in which it was recorded, which I’ve continued for this one." 

“There’s some forthcoming material from me in there and also bits from my label, Circadian Rhythms, which I’m running with Blackwax. There’s also a few old tunes, like the Skepta track, which I’ve been playing in my DJ sets a lot at the moment, and some newer cuts from Cult Records, Zed Bias’ new album and the man like Twwth." 

“Get the Hennessy and enjoy.”

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1. Om Unit feat. Charlie Dark - The Road
2. DropxLife - DREAMXSIX
3. Visionist - M
4. Zed Bias - Ye
5. Headtop - Madshit
6. Last Japan - The Descent
7. [Forthcoming track on Circadian Rhythms Records]
8. Nguzunguzu - Break In
9. Kelela - Do it Again
10. Nbome - Pirate/Hooligan
11. Notion - In the Corner
12. Twwth - Naomi XX
13. Last Japan feat. Trusta - (Unknown)
14. Last Japan - Gold Palm Trees
15. Jam City - Bells
17. Skepta - Peterborough (Skit)
18. Zomby feat. Last Japan - Pyrex Nights VIP
19. Skepta feat. Romeo - Deeper
20. Low Deep - Down Like That
21. Destiny’s Child – Bills, Bills, Bills (Harmonimix Remix)
22. Forever Forever - Play Fights

Words: Tristan Parker

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