Kid D
Instrumental grime upstart throws down a 100% production selection...

If you like your grime intricate, melodic and uplifting, then Kid D's your guy. The highly respected producer, who's been responsible for beats for Wiley, Skepta and Ghetts among others, has fashioned some seriously strong productions in his time, including the essential 'Dun Ya Dance' EP, and more recently, his 'Homage' four-tracker, which arrives at the end of the month on Four 40 Records.

He's turned in a 100% production mix for us, comprised of a ripe selection of his own beats, and kicked off by a track he produced for Brixton Hill crew 67. 

It's a blistering mix, which you can stream below - plus listen exclusively to the entirety of 'Homage' after the jump.

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67 – Money Spree
Kid D – Wave God
Kid D – Supernatural
Kid D – Tension
Kid D – Skeng Ryder
Kid D – Stream Line
Kid D – Silver Rain
Kid D – 3rd Portal
Kid D – Self Destruct
Kid D – Revolution
Kid D – Real Life
Kid D – Untitled
Kid D – Memories
Kid D – Hot Like This
Kid D – Beyond The Sky
Kid D – Far Away
Kid D – Angles
Kid D – Untitled
Kid D – Money Dance
Kid D – Only You Know
Kid D – Know Yourself
Kid D – Untitled
Kid D – Reborn
Kid D – Sacrifice
Kid D – Ghetto Queen 2
Kid D – Buzzin
Kid D – Chosen One
Kid D – Butterflyz
Kid D – God Like
Kid D – Untitled
Kid D – Elements
Kid D – Flame
Kid D – Emperor
Kid D – Cold Heart

- - -- - -

You can pre-order the 'Pay Homage' EP, which comes out on August 28th, by clicking here


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