Human Life
It's a special 'After Hours' selection...

Human Life has never wanted to stand still.

The producer - real name Matthew Wasley - has veered from genre to genre, expanding his taste while continually refining his voice.

He mused on this recently: "My goal as a producer and DJ is to challenge the idea that an artist has to stick to a narrow genre of music without evolving. Growing up, my favourite artists were the ones that constantly pushed themselves to do something new."

It's something that he takes into the booth with him. Each set feels individual, a carefully selected exposition of sound and mood that amplifies his own character while connecting with the audience.

Constructing a new mix for Clash, Human Life has opted for an 'after hours' selection, capturing that feeling of the energy wearing off, but the blissful twilight high remaining.

The producer tells us: "As a DJ I firmly believe in playing sets that not only showcase my artistic vision, but also fit the mood and setting of the event. Here is my after hours mix which reflects the way I might play at warehouse party at 5am and captures a darker, slower and melodic side of my musical influences..."

Tune in now.

- - -

Human Life & Matt Ossentjuk's track JACKURBODI has been steadily gaining steam all summer with recent support from Dennis Ferrer, Sante & Sidney Charles, Prok & Fitch & more. Human Life's Gari Safari event series alongside Anabel Englund & crew hits the Standard Rooftop in Los Los Angeles August 12th with a new release 'Rising' including Anabel on vocals coming soon after.

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