Hubie Davison
A wide-ranging, textured selection...

Hubie Davison was brought up in Ireland, before relocating to London as part of his academic pursuits.

Throwing himself into the city's musical maelstrom, the move helped to ignite something within himself, fusing different aspects of club culture into something unique.

Releasing on a string of labels, Hubie Davison's sound - at times pensive, at others euphoric - is perpetually in search of something new.

Coming into contact with Bobby Pleasure, the producer has donated an exclusive track to a brand new charity project.

Bobby Pleasure has set up Needs, a new charity-focussed label which is also set to host a series of club nights and live events. He comments:

"We believe in people. The concept of the label is to use music as a medium to spread love, unity and the idea of giving back. Promoting harmony and togetherness rather than isolation and estrangement, each release and accompanying event will act as a support stream to various issues within society such as mental health, homelessness and equality."

With the next event set to take place on November 18th, Hubie Davison decided to piece together a new DJ Mix for Clash.

It's a wide-ranging, textured selection, with Hubie throwing down a few exclusives alongside carefully curated cuts from the likes of DJ Sports, Mhysa, Burial, and more.

Tune in now.

1. Buedi Und Gumbls: Hmm - Tanz Der Körperlinge [Biber Records]
2. Linda 'Babe' Majika - Let's Make a Deal [Umkhonto]
3. Johannes Albert - Vigilia [Needs]
4. Roy Davis Jr. - Rock Shock [Roulé]
5. CZR - Chicago Southside [CZR's Tight Remix]
6. Hubie Davison - I Know [Needs]
7. Burial - Rodent [Hyperdub]
8. DJ Sports - Fertile Crescent [Firecracker Recordings]
9. Lanark Artefax - Touch Absence [Whities]
10. Mhysa - Spectrum [Halcyon Veil]
11. Yaeji - Raingurl [Godmode]
12. Galcher Lustwerk - Red Rose [White Material]
13.Hubie Davison - Nevertold [unreleased]
14. DJ Swagger - 21st Century Slow Jam [Needs]
15. Suisei - One Day [self-released]

- - -

Needs 002 takes place on November 18th - tickets.

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