CC Honeymoon
It's a 'Tales Of The Night' selection...

There's a rhythm to a night out.

The preparation, the communication, the meeting up, the dancing and the lights and the noise... and finally the journey home.

It's something that entrances newcomer CC Honeymoon, something that lingers long after the night bus shuttles him homeward.

This coming 12 months should be important for the rising artist, but he's decided to take a step back, and make a reflective, absorbing DJ Mix for Clash.

Opening with Alex Cameron and featuring John Maus, this lingers towards the left-field before CC Honeymoon raises eyebrows by dropping some classic Kylie.

He explains...

This is sort of a 'Tale Of The Night' playlist, aimed at being the perfect sound track to a night out on the town from start to finish. From getting motivated whilst getting ready putting your out fit together onto leaving the house headed for the party and then keeping you on the dance floor, then helping you with most importantly the walk back from the party (which is one of my favourite times of the night, walking home at 4am with headphones in your ears recounting the nights adventures, mishaps, unforgettable and maybe even regrettable moments) to finally cushioning you into your bed, safe and sound ready to fight another day.

Tune in now.

Alex Cameron - She’s Mine
TR/ST - Sulk
Baio - Sunburn
Modern Xeno & Oaklander - Sheen
John Maus - Head For The Country
CC Honeymoon - In The Night
Kylie Minogue - I Believe In You
Bal Paré - Palais D’Amour
Joey Four - Bath Tiem
Alessi Brothers - Seabird

- - -

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