Fluid and inspiring dub techno exposition...

Brendon Moeller is a continually inspiring voice.

A South African ex-pat living in upstate New York, the producer takes a careful, creative look at post-Basic Channel dub techno.

At times playful, experimental and at others deeply cerebral and challenging, the South African artist applies an enormous sense of fluid creativity to the form.

Recently, Brendon Moeller found himself hemmed in by icy blasts. Rather than let this time go to waste, the producer utilised the seclusion as a blank canvas to draw on.

Piecing together a new mix exclusively for Clash, it's a dextrous salute to influences, contemporaries and potential future directions. Brendon explains:

“The mix was put together using Ableton and a UC33e controller in my basement studio in upstate NY. We're experiencing a particularly hardcore arctic blast the last few days and I think the content reflects the landscape and mood. Be on the lookout for this upcoming release.”

Check it out now.

Daphne Oram - 'Rhythmic Variation I'
David Newlyn - 'Moon'
Farben - 'Lucifer Rising'
Keith Fullerton Whitman - 'El Seni I La Rauxa'
Samuli Kemppi - 'Beneath The Surface'
Denaji - 'Wuhti'
Michael Demalo - 'North'
Am.Light - 'Behind Empty Spaces'
Skymn - 'Bonfire'
Architectural - 'Witches Dance'
Rhythm & Sound - 'See Mi Ya (Basic Reshape)'
IORI - 'Arc'
Shawn O'Sullivan - 'Fumarin'
James Place - 'Twitch'
Marsen Jules - 'At Grim'

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