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The fate of Brighton beatsmith Ambassadeurs (Mark Dobson) as a musician was sealed long ago while he was geeking out on Commodore soundtracking programme OctaMED during his formative years, but rather than following the psychedelic rock route of the bands he was playing in, he started chopping and weaving samples and sounds, taking cues from hip hop and electronica.

The resulting sound – often featuring beats twisted into life from Dobson’s own field recordings – is akin to the likes of Gold Panda and Daedelus (both of whom Dobson has supported in live shows), with the producer already chalking up a string of releases on experimental labels and remixes appearing on Ninja Tune and Moshi Moshi.

Ambassadeurs’ mix for Clash reflects his love of progressive beats and bass, with offerings from some of the finest progressive producers around, including Rustie, Machinedrum and Martyn. There’s also soulful R&B from rising New York duo Lion Babe and classic hip hop from Dilla and Madlib’s collab, peppered with Breakwater’s glam-funk classic ‘Release the Beast’.

Here’s a laid-back Dobson explaining his relaxed approach allowed the mix to come together naturally: “This mix was recorded in my studio at home. It was kind of a spontaneous mix where I started with one track and felt where it was going and dropped in the next track. No real concept… I chose the artists and tracks that I listen to a lot and wanted the mix to be quite eclectic, I suppose.”

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1. 813 - 256 Colours
2. Martyn - Popgun
3. Sophie - BIPP
4. Lazer Sword - Sounds Sane
5. Machinedrum - SXLND
6. Rustie - Hover Traps
7. Miguel - Adorn (Ambassadeurs Remix)
8. Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire
9. Jaylib - The Mission (Stringed Out Remix)
10. Onra - 30 One Day
11. Breakwater - Release the Beast
12. Avalanches - Flight Tonight
13. Teams Vs. Star Slinger - Life Partner
14. Ambassadeurs - InjaZero
15. Luke Abbott - Modern Driveway
16. Jonsi & Alex - Happiness

Ambassadeurs’ ‘Alone in the Light’ EP is out now on Pilot Records.

Words: Tristan Parker

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