Tea-inspired, but it ba(n)gs hard…
Alex Banks

Monkeytown’s newest signee and techno disciple Alex Banks has had a whirlwind of a year so far. After a fateful set of events led to his demo hitting the ears of Modeselektor’s Szary and Gernot (which you can read about in our full feature with the producer), he swiftly became an addition to the label. His debut artist album, 'Illuminate', is out now and reviewed here.

Clash spoke to Alex just after he’d been working on this exclusive mix. He told us: “It’s a slightly weird feeling because I’ve been working on the album for so long that I’ve always got loads of stuff to do in the studio. If you’re working on a DJ mix, you can just do it on your laptop – it’s like that feeling when you’re a kid and you’re having a day off school! And it’s okay ‘cos you are being productive, you’re just chilling out in your flat with a cup of tea, looking for music... this is actually a job, so it’s alright!”

Despite being put together while sipping on the brown stuff, Alex’s mix bangs hard – pulling together flavours of fellow Monkeytown artists, as well as other dark-hued techno producers and stirring electronica from Ninja Tune and Ostgut Ton. Stream his selection below.

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Tobias – ‘Entire’ (Ostgut Ton)
Sean Piñiero – ‘Green Copy’ (Young Alaska)
Olafur Arnalds – ‘Endalaus II’ (Erased Tapes)
Christian Löffler – ‘Notes’ (Ki)
Redshape – ‘It’s In The Rain’ (Running Back)
FaltyDL – ‘Hardcourage’ (Ninja Tune)
Kiasmos – ‘Thrown’ (Erased Tapes)
Max Cooper – ‘Supine’ (Fields)
Moderat – ‘Milk’ (Monkeytown)
Bonobo – ‘Cirrus’ (Ninja Tune)
Percussions – ‘Sext’ (Text)
Answer Code Request – ‘Axif’ (Ostgut Ton)
Alex Banks – ‘Initiate’ (Monkeytown)
Cosmin TRG – ‘Auster’ (Bleep)
DEFT – ‘A Little Kiss’ (Wot Not Music)
Shed – ‘With Bag And Baggage’ (Monkeytown)
Four Tet – ‘128 Harps’ (Text)
Alex Banks – ‘Solar’ (Monkeytown)
Jono McCleery – ‘Ballade’ (Djrum Remix) (Ninja Tune)

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Alex Banks online. His new single ‘Be The One’ is released on 12” on July 11th through Monkeytown, as part of the Modeselektion series. Details

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