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Recently premiered on Clash’s free-to-download, award-winning App – click here to check out the latest edition – here we’re pleased to transfer this rather splendid 65daysofstatic DJ mix to the Clash site proper. Because it’s Friday, and we’re nice like that.

This mix, selected by the band’s Paul Wolinski, was put together to coincide with the 10th anniversary celebrations of ‘The Fall Of Math’ – the Sheffield post-rock-dance-whatevertheylike foursome’s debut set remains a Clash favourite to this day. You can read a (9/10!) reassessment of the record here, and an interview from earlier in 2014 with Wolinski, reflecting on the LP, here.

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Of the mix, Wolinski writes:

“Remember the time England was turned grey by a Saharan dust storm? It was not so obvious up in Manchester where the sky wears its grey with pride most days of the year, but you could still tell. It’s like nature saw John Carpenter’s The Fog and decided to cosplay the lead role. I think we tipped nature over the edge. Always prone to malevolence, I think maybe it’s snapped. Anyways, if that gloom had a soundtrack I reckon it would sound like this. Now That’s What I Call Extreme Weather Events 2014.”

Tracklisting as follows:

1. Richard Devine – ‘Burning Embers Field Recording’ / John Cage – ‘Diary’ (excerpt)
2. Noveller – ‘Dreams’
3. Ex-Easter Island Head – ‘Mallet Guitars Three, Third Movement’
4. Paul Jebanasam – ‘Rites: II’
5. Tim Hecker – ‘Prism’
6. Emptyset – ‘Limit’
7. Willis Earl Beal – ‘Tattoo’

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Find 65daysofstatic online here.  

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