Some true classics emerge...

Picking the year's best album is one of the toughest tasks facing the Clash team - no wonder we wait 12 months to do it.

Our annual countdown is now in the teens - without further ado, here are our choices...

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20. Holly Herndon - 'Platform'

Holly Herndon said:
"A lot of people complain about it being less engaging, less natural, less emotional, but my laptop mediates so much of my life: my Skype, my bank account, my emails, my relationships. It’s actually a hyper-emotional instrument; it has more emotional content than a violin could ever dream of."

19. Floating Points - 'Elaenia'

Clash said:
"'Elaenia' is one of those rare albums that crosses genres and audiences with ease due in thanks to the sheer craft that's gone into its seven tracks. 'Kid A' may have been made by a 'rock band' and 'Endtroducing' by a DJ but that hasn't stopped audiophiles of all types and tastes whacking them on to enter a nocturnal odyssey. If you've any sense, you'll find a place in your library for this album to do the same."

18. C Duncan - 'Architect'

Clash said:
"These are songs for songwriters, beautifully constructed and realised - after a full rotation, it'd be difficult not to fall in love with this album."

17. John Grant - 'Grey Tickles, Black Pressure'

Clash said:
"Having found happiness in recent times in the sanctuary of Iceland, the channelling of varyingly brutal past experiences through these lyrics suggests that John Grant is far from comfortable writing about brighter times, at least for now. Wherever he may veer next, ‘Grey Tickles, Black Pressure’ finds him in quite remarkable form."

16. Dr. Dre - 'Compton: A Soundtrack'

Clash said:
"‘Compton’ may be less state-of-the-art than other rap albums in 2015. It may spend a lot of its time reflecting on the past. But as an argument for that now famous district in South Los Angeles and its continued importance and centrality to hip-hop, it’s forceful and convincing, and one that ensures those Hollywood-style ‘COMPTON’ letters will continue to loom large - not just over L.A., but over this genre as a whole."

15. Julia Holter - 'Have You In My Wilderness'

Clash said:
"It’s hard to imagine anyone else ever recording these songs, so indelibly does Holter leave her mark. Such has been the consistency of the run of albums from ‘Tragedy’ through ‘Ekstasis’ to ‘Loud City Song’, garnering praise from all corners, there is a risk that we might take such quality for granted. Just one listen will remove any such complacency."

14. East India Youth - 'Culture Of Volume'

Clash said:
"A broad, diverse and enriching album, the ten tracks which make up 'Culture Of Volume' are each distinctive but seamlessly connect and click together to produce a piece of work that will both delight and enthral."

13. Leon Bridges - 'Coming Home'

Clash said:
"The 25 year-old has gained plenty of acclaim and recognition surrounding his 1950s and '60s sound, recorded using retro equipment that lends a real authenticity to match Leon Bridges' style. It's one that has received an abundance of Sam Cooke comparisons, yet also evokes elements of greats such as Otis Redding and an early Marvin Gaye. In fact, Bridges' sound is the pinnacle of a young artist transmitting a dated sound and bringing it straight into the 21st century, with the final results nostalgic yet ultimately fresh and current."

12. Joanna Newsom - 'Divers'

Clash said:
"It's a truly incredible album, a special album and a rare album. Give in to it because, before you're ready to let it go, it's gone."

11. JME - 'Integrity'

JME said:
"I'm J to the M to the E / I make G-R-I-M to the E / I make you bop your head, to."

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