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Caveman are simply too good to be ignored.

The Brooklyn band's self-released debut album became a constant spin in the Clash office, and we were delighted that it gained a full release.

Since then, the group's songwriting - muscular, self-aware shapes that recall The War On Drugs or even The Boss - has grown to receive a dedicated cult audience of its own.

New album 'Otero War' is out now, and it's definitely not something to be slept on. The music is crisp, perhaps the band's most confident effort yet, while the lyrics match personal reflection to something rather more universal.

So Matt Iwanusa decided to invent a new drinks menu, pairing each track from 'Otero War' to a specially curated beverage.

Check it out below.

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Never Going Back
To me this song feels like a good one for a run on a hot day. After the run you should go home and make yourself a refreshing margarita, and maybe eat some salsa.

Life Or Just Living
I can hear this song being played during the Olympic medal celebration. After the celebration I suggest you go back to your place and pop open as many bottles of champagne as you can to keep the party going.

On My Own
This one is an empowering song about forgetting the past and moving on because hey, you're a good person. If for some reason at the end you fail to actually believe that then I'd go to your local store and buy a nice big bottle of whiskey and drink that till you feel amazing again.

The scene for this one is a dark moving train or something like that. Creepy lights all that stuff. So in this case you should probably be as sharp as possible. Maybe buy a Red Bull.

Lean On You
One of my favorite songs on the record. My dad did the string arrangements. His drink of choice is a stout beer or any other dark beer. Maybe have one of those.

State Of Mind
This song has the feeling of a montage in a movie. Maybe you're on a nice date drinking some wine and then Godzilla tears the building apart and all hell breaks loose at the end of it.

Over The Hills
Our keyboard player Sam had this keyboard line sitting around for a long time and we all really liked it. Sam doesn't drink anymore so maybe this is a good time to get up and grab a water.

All My Life
Fast-paced song here. Might even make you dance if you're at the show. I'd suggest buying whatever the cheapest drink is because you'll probably spill it by the time the songs done.

I Need You In My Life
I'm going to leave this one up to you. It's never good to drink because you're upset. So listening to this song and involving anything that could be detrimental to your health might not be a good idea.

- - -

'Otero War' is out now on Cinematic Music Group / Red Essential.

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