'Heart Of A Champ' is a real statement...

Capo Lee has always had an extra layer to his sound.

A versatile MC, he broke through the grime scene, but has always sought out different challenges, different ways of making music.

His excellent new album 'Heart Of A Champ' is out now, 10 tracks that move across the UK rap spectrum.

Moving from system shellers to more introspective fare, Capo Lee assembled a crack team to help him fully realise the project.

Clash spoke to a few of these collaborators for a glimpse of life in the studio with Capo Lee...

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Faze Miyake...

One of the favourite artists I’ve worked with. Gets the job done and is having fun in his own lane and not scared of different styles. I like to see it. Big up Capo.


Working with Capo doesn’t feel like work. He emits good energy so it’s always a pleasure to have him in the studio and talk about randomness- the music follows effortlessly from there. Look forward to gettin' back in the lab and workin' on this album.


I’ve worked with Capo a number of times now and each time has been pretty straight forward. We share a similar taste in beats plus have a mutual respect when it comes to lyricism, so the creating part has always been quite easy.

Big Zuu...

I’ve been collaborating with Capo on tracks and sets for years and honestly think he’s one of the most talented MC’s in this country. The latest project is his best work and It’s been sick to see his progression.


Capo’s somebody who has a million and one ideas at any one given time, which is sick because it means you have to be on point as well.

Never met somebody who can come up with good hooks so effortlessly - when we made 'Take Me Back' I literally pressed play on the beat and the chorus just arrived out of nowhere. 

P Jam...

Capo is one of very few artists I've worked with who draws out the best in me creatively because he's not shy of trying new things and coming out the comfort zone.

'Nando's Riddim' is a great example, the approach was different to anything we done before and it was his idea to take that approach. He is a genius and very important for this age of music. 

Sir Spyro...

Capo Lee has been a sick artist to work with, ever since he had his red little motor.

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'Heart Of A Champ' is out now.

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