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There are lot of talented MCs/rappers in Birmingham.

What I like is the fact there are several artists making noise but all at the same time. It's never happened like this before, it's usually one at a time.

This list isn't based on who's buzzing or not though, just a pick of five that I personally like, check them out...

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Hitz may not be most known Birmingham MC but he never fails to impress me whenever I hear him. His aggression on the mic is matched by none. Instant 'screw-face’ vibes, instant wheel up. I want to hear him on more features with bigger MCs from the UK, he needs to be heard!

- - -


Dapz is very dangerous, very dangerous artist indeed. He's not an MC to be underestimated. He takes a lot of time to perfect and refine his music and you can really tell from the end product. I really like his stuff. He will always produce sick songs, guaranteed.

- - -


Authentic. Hype. Reload don. Mayhem is one of my favourite MCs, because he is unapologetically raw. I also love that he hasn't lost his energy on the mic over the years. He's been doing music for so long. I say one of his catch phrases daily. Usually "peakum". Badman!

- - -

Ash (Lotto Boyzz)

He's more known for his singing now, but he started as an MC. I saw his development from Day One and always knew he had the potential to have his own path. Ash has a great ear for melody, we share the same passion for bars as well, I really vouch for this guy here. He's a studio rat, he knows what he's doing trust me.

- - -


I don't know him personally, but I rate him nonetheless. He has a sick tone, which is very important as an MC/rapper. He's dropped a lot of big songs, but my favourite is his track "smokey". I love the production on that as well. Cold. Mist is very straightforward, but has a different twang to him, which makes him stand out. Very simple. But very effective.

- - -

C4's new single 'They Don't Know' Is out now.

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