Check out this fantastic DJ Mix...

Blanc Manioc is a new label steeped in the underground communities that pepper Malian capital Bamako.

Piercing pre-conceived notions about Mali music, the label was only founded six months ago but it's already made a huge impact.

A fresh platform with a distilled sense of identity, Blanc Manioc launched with an EP featuring Nyege Nyege star Slikback, before entering new creative realms.

Marking their ninth release, the label has sculpted a fantastic new compilation, pieced together by co-founder Dom Peter.

It's a fantastic piece of work, a vibrant, vibrant cross-section that points unrelentingly towards the future.

As MC Waraba puts it...

"This is not Fuse, this is a new story. The material is electronic music and sometimes traditional music, but the essence is culture, culture with a big C and hard work."

"We don’t care about the past 'world music' or the Naija thing, we catch the vibes, we create our own language... Keep the DNA of Mandingo music in our production or not!"

To celebrate the album's release Blanc Manioc co-founder Dom Peter has sculpted this very special Clash DJ Mix - it's a wild ride...

Blanc Manioc's new compilation is out now - buy it HERE.

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