Cult UK heroes take a look at the latest releases...

Basement have always stood outside the music industry.

Determined to do things on their own, without the aid of any manufactured hype, the UK group have allowed their music to speak for itself.

And it speaks volume. The band sell out every tour they play in the United States, while a recent UK jaunt included an epic stint at London Palladium.

New album 'Promise Everything' is a righteous return, perhaps the most succinct example of the group's genius yet.

Spending summer on the road as they hightail it around the country, Clash invited Basement to check out the latest releases...

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HONNE & Izzy Bizu - 'Someone That Loves You'

I’m a fan. Although its not really the sort of thing I’d think of myself liking, I’m a sucker for catchy electro pop crowd pleasers and would find it hard to be offended by this head bopper. I look forward to it being played to death by every shop and after work drinking hole in London a la ‘Lean On’ by MO this summer. The video looks great and has just the right mix of ambiguity and cuteness. An all-round enjoyable experience. – Ronan

Not a bad song, just not something I would normally put on if I had the choice. Vocals are pretty strong and the video was well done. If you like slightly emotional pop music you can dance to, this is for you. - Alex

Paul McCartney, Wings, Timo Maas, James Teej - '1985'

I’m not a fan of this, the vocal track doesn’t seem to fit with this remix and at times during the chorus sounds out of tune. By stripping the piano from the original it makes this remix seem incredibly uninteresting and bland. Sorry, not a fan. - Alex

Lethal Bizzle – 'Wobble'

The video is softcore porn. I'm not gonna comment on how this world of music objectifies women, because that's probably too deep for this small review segment, but that's a shit thing. Song didn't do anything for me. Not aggressive enough and definitely not catchy enough. Will it do well? Probably. – Andrew

Another song about butts. Lethal Bizzle won’t be winning another MOBO for this. - Alex

Gregory Porter - 'Consequence Of Love'

The only thing I knew about this guy was that he wore a cool hat. I'm annoyed I didn't check him out sooner. This track is timeless. It takes me back to day trips with my family, when there would be playing some sort of smooth jam on in the car. I could listen to this a lot. I'm gonna check out the album now. - Andrew

Anna Marie – 'Alarm'

This is going to be the song soundtracking every end of festival montage this year. Montages featuring gurning post GCSE student covered in mud and private school girls clad in wellington boots, doing poppers whilst sat on some strangers shoulders. This the kind of song that makes me want bury me head in wet cement and let it dry. Its just a bad Rihanna B-side sung by the girl from Rudimental. - Duncan

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Basement's new album 'Promise Everything' is out now. Stay in touch with the band online.

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