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Mathilda Homer is rarely without her phone. Yet she’s not a tech junkie, and she definitely isn’t a social media addict – constantly creative, Mathilda is perpetually jotting down lyric notes and melody ideas. “My screentime is awful!” she laughs. “I record my singing all the time. If I can’t think of a melody, I’ll just speak into my phone”.

Jazz-leaning pop with a soulful flourish and a classic feel, Mathilda Homer is certainly close to capturing that quicksilver creativity. It’s taken time to find the right team, though, with this precocious vocalist ensuring that every little detail is correct. “I’ve done the rounds,” she jokes. “You have to do the rounds at the start, and then you find your people to work with. It’s easy to write in a room with someone when they’ve got a nice energy.”

“I write all my concepts on my phone, and then I go through them,” Mathilda adds. “Sometimes I read them out to whoever I’m working with. And we’ll work from that. But a lot of the time I’ll make it up on the spot.”

With her debut EP and a flurry of fine singles stamping out her world-view, Mathilda Homer is ready to move into 2020 with confidence. She’s moving quickly, eager to get her ideas down on tape, and out into the world.

“I always try to write music that people can understand and connect with. I think what I want to do with my songs is make them as timeless as I can,” she says. “Look at Joni Mitchell, for instance. Her music will never have a time limit because it’s so beautiful.”

Songwriting means a huge deal to Mathilda Homer – she’s from a musical family, and wrote her first song in memory of her grandmother. Keeping things as natural, fresh, and simple as possible, each release feels as though she’s giving up a part of herself. “I love the feeling of people thinking when I’m singing that I’m telling their story,” she says. “It’s for everyone else to relate to, and apply it as the soundtrack of their own life.”

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Mathilda Homer's new EP 'Dear Life' is out now. Her song 'I Hate That I Love You So Little' has just received the video treatment from Lu, and as a special bonus we're able to present the clip before anyone else.

Mathilda tells Clash:

"When Lu sent me the idea of the music video, I had a moment where the song took on a completely different meaning."

"The way she interpreted ‘I hate that I love you so little’ was completely new to me. By using multiples of me in the visuals, the song takes on a different meaning. As if all the traits of my personality are talking to each other. Struggling to find ‘self love’. I love it when songs tell different stories to different people and people can relate it to their circumstance."

Tune in now.

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'Dear Life' EP is out now.

Words: Robin Murray
Photography: Joel Smedley

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