Áine Salutes Ireland's Female Pop Inspirations

Áine Salutes Ireland's Female Pop Inspirations

Her new EP 'Dislocated' is out this week...

Clash caught Áine earlier this year, with the Irish artist making a week-long flurry of appearances in London.

Clearly a stellar songwriter, her sharp honesty from the stage brought out the sheer character of each song, this warm but frank side to her lyricism.

Part of a new wave of artists re-shaping Irish music, Áine sits at the forefront of this pulse, and when she seeks out inspiration she simply looks to her peers.

Áine will released her new EP 'Dislocated' later this week, and to celebrate we invited her to pick out some of the Irish female voices making their mark on the pop landscape.

- - -

There are so many wonderful female artists emerging from Ireland at the moment, it was hard to pick just five. The artists below are just a few of the amazing women who inspire me on a daily basis...


Soulé is a Dublin-based electro-pop artist who has been releasing a steady stream of bangers for a while. Her debut EP ‘Love Cycle’ was released earlier this year and it is bursting with catchy melodies, great pop vocals and really fun, vibrant production.

This is a go to pre-drink, beach day, sunglasses weather album. I really do feel like THAT bitch when listening to it. There are NO skips.

All in all I think the EP is pop perfection! Soulé is a massive powerhouse, not just in Ireland but in general. She’s a ready-made superstar and completely in her own lane.

My Favourite Tracks: ‘Good Life’, ‘Love Tonight FT. C Cane’, ‘What Do You Know’

- - -

Wyvern Lingo

Wyvern Lingo are Karen Cowley, Saoirse Duane and Caoimhe Barry. If I could describe them in one word it would be luscious. Their voices blend together so seamlessly you could argue that they were born to sing together. They are are massively talented multi-instrumentalists which is evident on their self-titled debut album.

An album full of rich vocals, smooth harmonies, honest lyrics and out and out bangers AND it was written and produced entirely by the trio. It simultaneously feels fresh and new but also throws back perfectly to the early 00s and 90s. To me, it’s a timeless work of art.

My Favourite Tracks: ‘I Love You, Sadie’, ‘Used’, ‘Letter to Willow’ (non album track)

- - -


LAOISE is an electro-pop artist with a unique vocal tone and a knack for writing pristine, interesting pop music. I would call her unpredictable.

Her production is always gritty and ahead of the curb and her songs are experimental masterpieces. Her recent EP ‘Mad’ showcases all these qualities and more. Each track stands alone but fits together perfectly to form a solid piece of work.

Honestly, she can do no wrong. Bottom line is, LAOISE is an extremely talented writer, musician and vocalist. She creates a world of her own designing her visuals to compliment her music to a tee. 

My Favourite Tracks: ‘You’, ‘Bother’, ‘Mad’

- - -

Erica Cody

Erica Cody is an artist who, in my opinion, is at the forefront of Irish R&B music. Her vocals are smooth and soulful and her melodies are catchy and interesting. Her productions have an alt-R&B flavour which help frame her great songwriting perfectly.

She is not afraid to be frank and honest lyrically and speaks up about different issues she faces in her day to day life. Her debut EP ‘Leoness’ is no exception to that. The five track album was co-produced by Erica and gives a great insight into who she is as an artist.

My Favourite Tracks: ‘Good intentions’, ‘Over And Over’, ‘Lovin On Me’

- - -


ROE is a pop artist from the North of Ireland. It’s hard to pigeonhole her to one specific genre; her music shows so much variety and range that it would be an injustice to do so. Her voice is delicate with a beautiful vulnerable quality to it that makes every song a pleasure to listen to.

ROE has released a stellar catalogue of really great songs, as well as a three track EP ‘You Call it Art’. The growth in her music throughout her career is plain to see (or hear, I suppose), with each single managing to be better than the last.

My Favourite Tracks: ‘Girls’, ‘Down Days’, ‘Wasted.Patient.Thinking’

- - -

Finally, here's the fantastic ‘Grá do Mhná’ (love for women) playlist from Áine...

- - -

'Dislocated' EP is out on September 6th.

Photo Credit: Jeff Hahn

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