The Danish brand releases a new tee for the charity.

Wood Wood is one of those really cool brands that your friend who bought her New Balance years ahead of the fashion schedule got hers from them. If they had a store in London it’d likely be on Redchurch Street or the surrounding area, such is the quaint nature but strong ideas they occupy.

It’s hardly surprising then, that they’ve turned their efforts to charity and done so in a way that comes out balancing style and benevolence. The T-shirt above supports the Little Sun project and was produced in collaboration with both the artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen. The project itself aims to provide trade in off grid communities and address the need for light in a sustainable way.

As well as the tee-which we reckon looks a little like an orange that’s been left beneath a desk for too long-a sunflower shaped lamp is available too. Both can be bought online, but those who find themselves in Copenhagen have the opportunity to pop by the Little Sun Kiosk which recently opened next to the Wood Wood store.


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