The Danish brand introduces mens AW13 footwear.

If you’re familiar with Kenneth Nguyen’s photography then Wood Wood’s latest footwear shots won’t come as any big shock. Those who’ve taken a dip in the pages – Nguyen’s Tumblr – will have no doubt come across videos and images of the photographer scaling the highest buildings Copenhagen has to offer.

It’s pretty freaky stuff.

Pictured above, the Wood Wood shots offer a much tamer situation while hinting at a drop of similar proportions. The water however, looks too close to be terrifying, thank God.

The shoes and boots themselves tread the lines between something sleek to be reserved for a special occasion, and something a bit more everyday; the leather Chelsea boots being the former and the lace up trainers the latter.

Texture comes via suede and leather while colour palettes range from black and yellow to more neutral tones.

Art direction comes from Wood Wood's Brian SS Jensen.


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