In favour of Olivia Clavel.
Agnès b

French label Agnès b has long played its card in cultural affairs. In 1983 the first store outside of France debuted in New York with film posters filling up the walls, in part responsible for a later collaboration with director Harmony Korine; the following year the Galeria du Jour was opened.

In 2015 little has changed, as the ‘artists’ series’ suggests. Quite literally a series of fashion collaborations with visual artists, a subsection of the line – T-shirts D’Artistes – explores a secondary selection of creatives via the medium of jersey cotton (think tees and the like).

Olivia Clavel’s contribution is amongst the project’s finest: part French lesson and full on punk lite, the only member of the French graphic design group Bazooka circa 1970, here she puts pen to cloth in a fashion that is as visually rich as it is stimulating.


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