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Innovative new app mysnapp allows you to shop artists looks direct...

On his way to the top and arguably the UK’s most humble musical prodigy shows a new side of him in his latest music video for 'Barbed Wire', the fourth single off his upcoming album, 'Lighting Matches'. For the shoot, Tom Grennan trotted his way through rough terrain, all the way in Joshua Tree, California.

To mark the release of the single, mysnapp - an innovative new fashion app that lets you shop fashion from music videos - has teamed up with Tom to create his first shoppable music video. mysnapp traveled alongside the Barbed Wire singer and captured his look in their style-series named The Ins and Outfits, in which they previously captured looks of Yxng Bane and Lethal Bizzle.

Watch the video below to take a closer look at the outfits, where Grennan dons Alexander Wang, Paul Smith and Dior, to name a few.

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Clash sat down with Tom to chat about his latest music video, how his distinctive lad-chic look came about and, naturally, the release of his upcoming album.

What made you choose Joshua Tree as the location for ‘Barbed Wire’?
I wanted it to be colourful and I also wanted it to represent danger. The desert can be the most beautiful landscape and place but also dangerous and that’s what barbed wire is about — being in something you love but also if you touch it, it can be dangerous!

In the BTS video for ‘Barbed Wire’ (watch above) we can seen you modelling, too! Must’ve been quite warm in that red suit?
I don’t know about modelling, but I was boiling hot in that red suit, yeah! But it was cool because I knew the red suit would compliment the colours of the desert.

You’re quite the endorser of white tube socks and vests. If you had to leave one in the desert, which would it be?
Probably leave the vest because if I was walking out without my socks then I don’t think I’d make it.

At what age did you discover your sense of style?
I still don’t think I’ve discovered it! I’d say it’s something I’ve always thought about but never really knew I was doing it right? I kinda tend to throw anything together and if it works then great and if it doesn’t then still go with that!

We all got to know you as Tom with the tracksuit bottoms, but your outfits seem to swing a bit more to the high-end side lately…?
I do love a pair of tracksuit bottoms, that will never change. But yeah I suppose I’m maturing and changing every day and wanna take myself away from just tracksuits and jump into a fresh pair of wide legged trousers. The wider the better!

Do you get a lot of questions from fans about your outfits?
Yeah, I do… a lot of them are really really into what I’m wearing, so it’s proper cool that now with mysnapp they can go on and see what I’m wearing and then have a direct link to what I have on. I also try and talk directly to my fans and if they wanna know about something I’ll do my best to let them know.

Your debut album drops on the 6th of July. What can we expect from it?
Yeah, it’s so close now! I can’t wait to get it out. I wanted to create a classic-sounding album that hopefully lasts over years and an album that doesn’t sound like anything else right now. It’s got orchestras, brass, choir... I took influences from old soul to hip-hop, blues and pop so it’s just a big sounding record, and I can’t wait for people to hear it.

What was the recording process like?
It was wicked, and something that happened so organically. I went into the studio, wrote the songs and then took them to different producers and started recording. I was lucky to work with some unbelievable producers like Fraser T Smith, Sam Dixon, Jimmy Hogarth, Joel Potts, Eg White. They all worked differently and all got something different out of me. Usually a lot of people stick to one producer on their record, but it was cool to see how each one of them work and find completely different things to make the song unique.

Of course, it would be wrong to ask you what your favourite song is, as they’re all your babies. Or… ?
Yeah, all of the songs have their own reason why I love them and it changes every time I listen to the record, but right now there’s a song called ‘Little By Little Love’ and it’s a song that rounds up the album and has a little nod to childhood and where I grew up. It shows me how much I’ve matured while being in this process and as a song goes I just think it’s beautiful.

Was there a moment in your life you just knew you had to make music?
Yeah there was. I had a moment in my life where when performing it felt as if I came out of myself and watch this person create this energy with the crowd. The whole place felt as if it was in slow motion - I’ll always remember tripping out and thinking, 'Wow, I’m on stage singing and people are here singing what I’m singing and enjoying it!' I remember coming off stage and saying that’s what I wanna do every minute of every day!

Where do you see yourself in a few years time?
Well, I wanna be one of the biggest artist in world! I want longevity in this and I wanna keep writing and having the chance to keep creating music. My goal is Wembley stadium and stadiums around the world. Choosing between time and money, I’d rather have time. Because in time you can make money and if you have time then can build, create, watch and learn. A lot of hard work is got to be get done!

Watch Tom Grennan’s latest music video, Barbed Wire, on mysnapp. [] mysnapp is for music and fashion fans to shop the style of their favourite artists’ music videos.

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