There’s looking good, and then there’s looking GREAT.

Another year passes us, and trends have come and gone. We’ve seen the sublime and the ridiculous and of course people have loved both. The Clash Fashion team put our heads together and came up with our list of 2011 favourites. There’s looking good, and then there’s looking GREAT.


Mount Kimbie - ‘Carbonated’

“Director Tyrone Lebon is one of London’s most talented photographers and film makers. He has worked with Mount Kimbie for a while now and this video feels like a real collaboration, with the music and imagery perfectly holding hands as a cute couple.”
John Colver

Is Tropical ‘The Greeks’

“I love the play on kids play fighting - the cartoon CGI makes it humorous but also quite disturbing - right up my street.”
Matthew Josephs

Lady Gaga ‘Born This Way’

“A heaving production, our favourite image from Gaga’s collaboration with Nick Knight sees the Lady herself with skeleton facepaint and baby pink hair, blowing bubble gum all the while suited and booted; fabulous.”
Zoe Whitfield

Lana Del Ray - Video Games

"Very in tune with our style: lo-fi pop culture luxe, old Vegas meets ’90s VHS grunge skate culture. Slow, sexy, aspirational, like The Virgin Suicide’s Lisbon sisters grew up."


“I love Rihanna and I love the styling by Mel Ottenberg - she can do no wrong in my book!’
Matthew Josephs

The Maccabees
“With just a handful of dates testing the waters for the upcoming ‘Given To The Wild’ album release, the band’s London show made us feel sixteen all over again.”

“Looking resplendent in a tour wardrobe designed by London-based Dutch designer Michael Van Der Ham, Björk also thrilled with a set performed completely by homemade instruments!”
John Colver


Lil Wayne
‘Tha Carter IV’ “It took me back to the classic Nas album cover for ‘Illmatic’. I think we all love a small child covered in tattoos too!”
John Colver

S.C.U.M. ‘Again Into Eyes’
“I’m quite biased as I styled the images (as seen in Clash Issue 63) but I think it’s something quite different to a lot of the stuff out there at the moment.”
Matthew Josephs

Summer Camp ‘Welcome To Condale’
“If you can write about why an album cover is great, while wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with said artwork, you’ve answered your own question; bright colours, retro feel and ultimately a little bit tacky.”
Zoe Whitfield


Calvin Klein A/W11
“Calvin’s mens show in January was a delight. I loved the classic-ness of it all: thick crew neck jumpers, tailored trousers, and the nicest puffa-macs. The references all pointed to the American hero, the college football star, the US soldier off-duty. The casting was great and the buzz cuts they all had were minimal genius.”
John Colver

Givenchy Fall 2011: Mens/Womens
“I WANT EVERYTHING! I WANT EVERYTHING!!! The collection was so good I bought a shirt that cost more than my month’s rent.”
Matthew Josephs

TopShop Unique A/W11
“A grown-up collection of blouses and faux fur was turned on its head and made playful with the abundance of ear-like buns and cute as a button painted noses.”
Zoe Whitfield


George Condo x Kanye West for M/M Paris
“I wasn’t really a fan of George Condo’s work until I saw the images painted for Kanye West. Kanye’s obviously a fashion fiend: this collab came shortly after Condo collaborated with American designer Adam Kimmel on his A/W11 collection.”
Matthew Josephs

Richard Nicoll for Fred Perry (Laurel Wreath Collection)
“Screaming with Sixties references, Australian designer Richard Nicoll’s A/W11 collection for the sports label successfully married nostalgia and modernity, with lashings of PVC and soft knits.”
Zoe Whitfield

Versace with H&M
“People don’t queue up the night before a shop opens for nothing. With pushing and shoving, the crowds swallowed up all in their sight, while an on-camera bitch slap for one customer over a bomber jacket was exactly the madness Versace would crave on every daily store opening!”
John Colver


Florence Welch
“She looks amazing every time I see her on stage, whether at X Factor in giant shoulder pads or at an awards ceremony in Givenchy Haute Couture.”
Matthew Josephs

Chloe Sevigny
“April saw her cameo in the Beastie Boys’ revisited ‘Make Some Noise/Fight For Your Right’ video, which just about sums up how cool Sevigny is. And that goes for her dress sense too.”
Zoe Whitfield

Lil Wayne
"His ghetto pigtails are the perfect inspiration for a long-haired white boy"


Funky Harajuku
“As seen on Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and Rihanna (in the ‘Who’s That Chick’ video) - wigs, pom-poms and frills: Hatsune Miku’s effect trickles into the mainstream.”
Matthew Josephs

Dip Dye Hair
“There will be those that think you’ve let your roots get low, but for the most part dipping your locks in a pot of colour is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to tell the world you rock.”
Zoe Whitfield

Cars And Motors
“A big trend running through the A/W11 mags and into S/S12 shows (Prada women’s SS/12 hammered it home ‘Greased Lightning’ stylee) was machines, engines, fast cars and speedy roadsters.”
John Colver


“My favourites were German dude Robin Ahrens (Ford) and Australian beauty Julia Nobis (Premier). The best newcomers for me were Jesse Shannon and Josefien Rodermans, who both walked exclusively for Calvin Klein in the S/S12 shows in New York.”
John Colver

“Jonathan Marquez is the stunning male model in the biggest campaigns at the moment -Hispanic and Filipino is a damn good mix! He also appeared in Clash 66 wearing a Michael Jackson T-shirt shot by artist Matthew Stone. Also, Joan Smalls: she’s Dominican, stunning and everywhere!”
Matthew Josephs

“Lara Stone’s finest moments this year may have been playing wifey during her husband’s charity swim and fronting one of Vogue’s royal wedding special covers, but Stone remains simply divine.”
Zoe Whitfield

“The faces that have cleaned up this year have been Ros Georgiou, Aline Weber, Lara Mullen, Marte Mei Van Haaster, Iselin Steiro.”
Agata Belcen (Fashion Editor, AnOther Magazine)

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