Solange's new Solid collection radiates light

Solange's new Solid collection radiates light

Solid gold...

After the last two years filled with uncertainty and countless lockdowns, we’re keen to get back onto solid ground. British jewellery designer Solange Azagury-Partridge emulates this feeling through her latest jewellery collection.

Titled ‘Solid’, the collection is inspired by hope and optimism coming from darkness; “a shimmering example of beauty in its more distilled and honest form” says the designer. Crafted from a singular medium, the entire ‘Solid’ collection is designed in gold, radiating feelings of warmth and purity throughout.

Each piece in the Solid collection is given a warm and sunny name - the ‘Heartburst’ rings, ‘Sunburst’ earrings and a family of ‘Shapeshifters’ 24ct gold rings each radiate light and positivity. The ‘Solid Light’ and ‘Solid Sunlight’ rings are described as “a distillation and solidication of that very elusive element of light”, drawing us back to the purity of the collection.

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