The brand taps the 'Tangerine' director for a new short.

There are several things that will hit you through the course of Kenzo’s new SS16 short: a sudden, intense desire to run to the nearest bakery and buy the biggest cake with the best frosted icing, and the camerawork.

Titled ‘Snowbird’ and starring model and actress Abbey Lee Kershaw in the lead role (one of the few actually held by ‘proper’ actors), the film was directed by one Sean Baker, the iPhone famous director of 2015’s critically acclaimed feature ‘Tangerine’.

“We had met and we had gotten a preview of Tangerine before it had come out,” explains co-creative director Humberto Leon. “Obviously that movie is incredible, so we’re super excited to do something… We immediately kind of felt in sync with Sean.”

Shot exclusively on an iPhone and clocking in around the 11 minute mark, Snowbird follows Young Theo (Kershaw) as she makes her way around Slab City sharing a homemade cake. A conglomeration of domestic structures in California’s Sonoran Desert, the location itself plays a vital role to the collaboration on many levels.

Says Leon: “What’s interesting is that we had a photo of Slab City on our inspiration board from the beginning, and so when he (Baker) mentioned Slab City, I was like “Wait!” That image has been on our board from the beginning of this collection. I think that’s why we both felt like this was the right thing and us working together would be the perfect project.”

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