Starring the inimitable Kate Moss...


Shot against the backdrop of the Modernist Villa Malaparte in Capri, in a black and white style that recalls French Nouvelle Vague cinema, Saint Laurent have just released the latest instalment of their Nathalie Canguilhem directed film series.

Clad in fresh off the runway get-up from Mr. Vaccarello’s epic SS18 show, the jaw-dropping promo features the inimitable Kate Moss in her most rock star of guises to date. Resembling the front woman of some imaginary band, looking artfully dishevelled whilst heading to her next stadium appearance, the mini-movie ought to come with some kind of disclaimer.

Dangling from a helicopter – should you somehow be in the position to charter one, is never especially advisable. Doing so whilst looking this amazing - essentially impossible. There is a reason Moss falls into that very select 'super' category after all. Never ever try this at home.


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