The pair's second drop is inspired by NYC.

According to its makers, the mission behind Alife is to showcase, elevate and perpetuate the culture of Downtown, New York City, the exact neighbourhood from which it was birthed in 1999.

For the second drop of its Spring Summer hook up with sports heavyweight Puma then, the streetwear label has re-appropriated a ‘Welcome to Fear City’ pamphlet introduced in the 1970’s and made available for tourists to the city; a guide on how to avoid trouble in downtown with a list of specific areas to avoid (ahem), today the instructions have been re-mastered into a graphic and stamped across tees, bottoms and jackets.

Comprised of 12 pieces – a mix of shoes and apparel – elsewhere the collection boasts in its line-up the silhouettes of Puma’s Trinomic R698 and the Blaze of Glory, as well as a few more classic models.

Released to a handful of boutiques, among them Foot Patrol and Chimp, next weekend (mark 16th April on your calendar), the new line observes a predominantly dark palette, with navy, black and khaki key shades throughout.


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