"They epitomise the cultural shift in the menswear market."

Explaining what makes menswear so exciting today, Harvey Nichols’ menswear international and contemporary buyer Reece Crisp told Clash last year: “The reactive nature of customers to trends and the lack of resistance to experiment. Men are now not just wearing logos to show they are in the right stuff, but are happy to layer and experiment with fabrications.”

Hence the retailer’s latest hook up needs little explaining. A collaborative project with new label A-COLD-WALL*, ‘Public-Form’ sees the former play exclusive host to a capsule line of thought provoking menswear from designer Samuel Ross.

With a nod to the designer’s favoured palette of muted tones – and produced under a bleak British vision – Ross confirms of the offering: “I specifically chose to collaborate with Harvey Nichols for several reasons, the first reason being that they understood the idea, they get it.”

“Not only the concept of artisanal clothing that sits between emerging spaces of fashion and street culture,” he continues, “but they also supported A-COLD-WALL*’s celebration of working class sensibilities. We were able to create wearable minimalistic pieces that feel special, based specifically on a thorough idea that resonates and mutually joins both A-COLD-WALL* and Harvey Nichols.”

Comprised of simple pieces such as a basic tee, oversize work coat, reversible long sleeve top and accessories, Public Form will sit on the store’s 4th floor from Thursday, accompanied by an installation from Ross.

“Having followed the brand for the past year,” offers Crisp, “I have been keen to work with them, as they epitomise the cultural shift in the menswear market that we have seen emerge over the past couple of years. They have a clear message and ethos and it really sets them apart, something we believe in.”



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