A very important secondhand clothing sale is happening.
Panic Buy! By The Mushpit

Maybe you’re well versed in The Mushpit manifesto with the full zine collection taking space on your bookshelf, the pair’s panel talk slideshow arrangement remembered by heart, and a ‘New Labia’ tee the prized possession of an otherwise nondescript wardrobe. If this is not the case – and tbh shame on you – you might not be aware of a ‘very important and exciting secondhand clothes sale’ going down at Ditto this Saturday...

Established by Bertie Brandes and Charlotte Roberts in 2011, The Mushpit marries the best teen mag references with political awareness, a feminist mindset and a sartorial outlook owing to Bay Garnett’s Cheap Date.

Five years, eight mags and a dozen parties down the line, this weekend the duo are set to channel their IRL appeal into a new type of affair, having pooled the best of their Facebook friends list for the kind of carboot sale that would have Chloë Sevigny in awe. Amongst London’s best stylists, designers and general ‘fashion ppl’, those getting rid include Ashley Williams, Reba Maybury, Victoria Higgs and Phoebe Lettice.

We asked Bertie and Charlotte to tell us more.


So why a clothing sale?
We were in the throes of a full blown seasonal wardrobe panic. All our clothes felt dusty and suffocating and WOOLLEN but we didn't want to splurge our pay checks on stuff from the high street we'd probably only wear once. So we've decided to steal all our best dressed friends wardrobes under the guise of a sale, and invited the public along to make it seem less obvious. Plus it just seemed like it would be such a fun day, we're sorting drinks and snacks and hopefully blazing sunshine!

And did you know straightaway who you wanted to involve?
We already knew that Ashley (Williams) has insanely good stuff because she does her own sales, and then we basically just asked around everyone who lives near us that works in fashion or we wanted to steal clothes from who was free. We’re actually getting slightly worried about shifting our own loot because of the calibre of what everyone else seems to be bringing! It’s a good mix of everyone we know and love whose wardrobes we’ve been trying to raid for years.

There’s a green element behind the sale too right? Why is this important to Mushpit?
Because horrible sweatshop fashion sucks and we're bored of being pushed to buy it every time another season rolls around! Fast fashion is destroying the environment and destabilising the communities where people work to make it, why would we support that industry when we can have so much fun with secondhand clothes? Reclaim fashion!

So finally, whose wardrobe are you most excited to buy up?
All of them! Some have dropped out now, lol, but we have replaced them with even better ones! No it's not a competition at all... Or a race. Except, Ashley is bringing Marc Jacobs so... I'd be quick.

Panic Buy! is at Ditto, N1 5TY on Saturday 7th May from 12:00-17:00; full info here


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