The sports brand will drop a new VaporMax model.

Nostalgia can rear its head in any number of places, even if said place is a collaboration between a heavyweight sports brand and high end fashion label, like Nike VaporMax for Comme des Garcons (them bubbles, our teen minds are transfixed on them epic bubbles).

Debuted at Saturday’s Comme show as part of Paris Fashion Week, the hook up sees Rei Kawabuko lend her idiosyncratic modernism to Nike’s VaporMax, a trainer model only released this year.

Unlike the rest of the Air family, for which Nike has had to add a secondary rubber layer for protection, developments in the tech used now allows the Air and exterior layer to form one standalone Nike VaporMax unit. So it looks like you’re walking on air, or something.

Under Kawabuko’s watchful eye the new shoe – which doesn’t drop until early 2017 – loses its more traditional attributes (read: fastenings), swapped instead for slip on properties (elastic, presumably).


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