Selfridges hosts a one of a kind virtual experience from Pugh and Inition.

"The inspiration for this piece really came from the desire to create a totally immersive experience,” says Gareth Pugh. “I’ve always believed in the importance of fashion film and new technology as a means of communication.”

He is talking about Monolith, a collaborative project between the designer and production company Inition, based on ‘Carbon Life’, an outfit created in 2013 for a Royal Ballet production.

Housed on Selfridges’ menswear floor – opposite the more traditional offerings from Burberry – Pugh’s new menswear line sits, many pieces displayed against a mirrored backdrop.

Alongside this is Monolith, a ‘chamber’ reaching two metres, decked out in grey triangles. Inside visitors will find a padded room complete with handles; a disclaimer sits outside, such is the desired reaction.

Like a videogame but with fancier headgear – a Pugh designed pointed helmet is prescribed – the next five minutes sees the player taken on a 3D journey filled with black, white and grey. As Gareth puts it, “It's an exciting opportunity to re-imagine my aesthetic in a totally new context.”

You can gage some of the experience via the video here, but for a real wave of virtually gained sickness, a visit to the first floor is a must.


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