Modern exploration and optimism from Palladium's Survive and Revive collection

Modern exploration and optimism from Palladium's Survive and Revive collection

For urban explorers...

French luxury footwear brand Palladium, famed for high-performance footwear and innovative design, is launching the Survive and Revive collection for fall-winter 2021.

For the last 101 years, Palladium has sat at the crossroads of contemporary luxury and functionality in the footwear industry. Founded in 1920 in Lyon, the French leatherwear brand found its footing making aircraft tires through a unique process of layering canvas bands under the rubber. Following World War II and a steep decline in tire demands, Palladium shifted its knowledge and rubber expertise into high-performance footwear, producing their first shoe for the French armed forces, the Palladium Pallabrousse boot in 1947 and the Pampa in 1949.

In the 74 years since the Pallabrousse was unveiled, Palladium has overseen a cultural shift from necessity and function in the trenches to curious exploration and leisure through hiking and sports. Remaining dedicated to a high functioning shoe built for protection and comfort without compromising on style and integrity, Palladium has upheld its heritage status with unmistakable French design and versatility. 

This season sees a shift in Palladium’s encompassing repertoire with the Survive and Revive campaign. Focusing on the brand’s rich military and sporting history, Palladium remixes and reinvents archive silhouettes for the twenty-first century, with ecologically conscious practice and modern detailing, and a move to ‘survive’ in a post-pandemic world.

Enlisting a diverse group of creatives to capture the powerful campaign and movement, Palladium brought together a series of photographers and artists including Mathieu Rainard, Cecilia Alvarez Hevia Arias, Endy Huynh, Julian Burgeuño and Hollie Fernando. Encapsulating the concept behind the collection, with themes of versatility and unity through a short film and image campaign, the team worked together to showcase the innovation behind the Palladium brand and the optimism the new collection inspires.



In an ambitious move from Palladium, the Survive and Revive collection can be divided into three distinct categories, Heritage, Metropolitan and Urban Utility. 

The Heritage pieces draw us back to the brand’s military history, reinventing classic archive pieces with the same purpose-driven design. The Pallatrooper is inspired by the iconic Pampa boot, with a patrol boot silhouette and longer upper that stretches over the ankle. Available in three distinct styles, a military boot, a hi-top sneaker and Oxford shoe, each iteration retains the Pampa boot tread and subtle, classic colourways of black, brown and dune, for a high functioning city-scape shoe drenched in military references. 

The Metropolitan style focuses on sustainability and rebellion with the Re-Craft shoe. Comprised of durable fabric with recycled inner and outer soles, the Re-Craft is also available in multiple designs. The Pallashock is a reworked mid-cut sneaker boot with a chunky outsole reminiscent of the 90s grunge reminds us of Palladium’s impact on the punk rock, grunge and rave scenes and 90s youth counterculture. The Revolt features an exaggerated outsole, available as hi-tops, low-tops and a boot with black leather upper and orange detailing, the Metropolitan styles pay homage to Palladium’s glory days on grunge and punk music scenes. A collection that challenges the status quo, the Metropolitan Pallashock and Revolt shoes are designed for the revival of audacious city living.

The final collection, Urban Utility, focuses on functionality and uncompromising style. A series of ‘Off-Grid’ styles, and named as such, this branch of the Survive and Revive collection combines sneakers and military-style boots to blend urban and outdoor exploration. Waterproof with Palladium’s iconic toe-cap, the Off-Grid shoe features internal gusset protection and a new anatomical outsole for comfort and protection. Urban Utility also debuts the Travel Lite style, a lightweight durable boot to carry the most agitated explorers through the harshest of climates. With a soft nylon upper and fast lacing system, the light shoe is designed to tackle the most challenging terrains, available in black, khaki, white and a bright firecracker orange, the style is built for any explorer.


Available from and select global stockists from August/September 2021.


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