The two team up for an exclusive new watch.
Matthew Miller x G-Shock

A watch where a Big Mac might be and headphones for fries, the Emily Strange does Maccy D’s packing isn’t even the best thing about G-Shock’s new collaboration.

Teaming up with London designer Matthew Miller, the Japanese brand this month releases the GBA-400MM, an exclusive new style based around the Bluetooth supporting G’MIX.

“In modern design and society it’s not very often a product that helps you to consume more is considered a positive trait. Any object that allows a much freer and speedier access to culture, music and the arts has to be celebrated,” states the designer.

“Coming into this project, I wanted to add value to a piece of design that has far, far more cultural capital than first meets the eye. Adding solid silver hardware emphasises the watch’s value both in terms of its capabilities and as a piece of design.”

The watch then, boasts a solid silver clasp engraved with Miller’s initials, while technical details include said Bluetooth connectivity when paired with the G’MIX app; a smartphone platform that can control audio settings, add live effects that simulate concert sound, and identify the names of songs from the music playing nearby.

The aforementioned packaging – pairing G-Shock with Urban Ears ‘phones – was designed by Matthew as a comment on the speed of consumption. “I designed the packing as an emphasis to my ‘Cultural consumption Philosophy’,” he says.


A film, above, was co-directed by Miller and Liam Gleeson with animation from Cai Matthews, while the soundtrack is the work of William Richard Green. Of this, the designer comments: “I wanted the film to emphasise the technological capabilities of the Future of G-Shock. Desirability, Cultural consumption and Future technology – this is G-Shock.”

Just 50 models will be released at the end of the month, available from Harrods, Oki-Ni, and G-Shock East and Casio London.


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