Former Clash One to Watch plays the Burberry flagship watched by other former Ones to Watch.
Jake Bugg for Burberry Acoustic

Last night Jake Bugg played the first ever music event at Burberry’s flagship store on Regent Street. Watched by members of Spector and Zulu, as well as Theme Park, Aluna Francis and designer Molly Goddard-all part of an 800 strong crowd that stretched two floors-Bugg entertained the masses with tracks from his self-titled debut. 

A large space with a decadent ceiling and upper balcony, the shop could well be a full time music venue. As guests sipped champagne and beer, the eighteen year old took to the stage in a delicious black satin jacket (think track top deluxe), accompanied by his bassist and drummer, the latter in a smart blazer and tidy desert boots.

The band were three songs in before a ‘big one’ was played-in the form of Trouble Town-while Bugg switched guitars numerous times throughout, each making for a sound as sweet as the last. Nice one Bailey.


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