Vicky McClure narrates a new short.
Fred Perry's Annual Traditions

A tradition is perhaps one of the most telling aspects of any given culture, and it’s at this time of year that many adopt a very specific ritual, whether they believe in its origins or not (for others it’s at least a specified time to slow down for the year).

A brand with heritage at its core, it perhaps comes as no surprise then, that this holiday season Fred Perry has produced a short film aptly titled ‘Annual Traditions’                                

Tapping This Is England’s Lol (a.k.a. the very talented British actress Vicky McClure) to narrate, the clip explores the journey taken by those heading home for Christmas, the narrative here of someone leaving the big bad city to meet your old school friends for a festive pint at your parents local.

Not how yours pans out? Worry not. Fred Perry is inviting fans to share their own traditions too!


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